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Shirakawa ramen
A perfectly chewable noodle complemented by deep-flavored soup makes for an exquisite meal. In Shirakawa there are over 100 ramen shops to choose from. The proud chefs are very meticulous and are always looking for ways to make their products more delicious. They have made ramen part of Shirakawa culture.

Shirakawa soba and udon noodles
Shirakawa buckwheat production began over 200 years ago with the effort of Matsudaira Sadanobu, who recommended the plant because of its hardiness, and it has become part of local culture. Shirawkawa is one of the four most famous locations for buckwheat production in Japan, along with Shinshu, Izumo,and Morioka. The soba makers all have a reputation for their particular ways of kneading the dough, blending the ingredients, and preparing the soup stock. This is an important feature of Shirakawa noodle culture. Because of this, these days many restaurants offer buckwheat noodles, ramen, and handmade udon which reflect the earnest effort of their craft.

Confections and noodles
Enjoy the taste of Shirakawa that has been passed from craftsmen to craftsman since the Edo Period when Shirakawa was still a castle town. In sweets and noodles there is a taste you can take with you.

Daruma figures and handicrafts
With a 300 year history, the faces of Shirakawa Daruma reflect happiness and luck. The eyebrows are cranes, the mustache is a turtle, the beard is a pine tree, the sideburns plums. Below the face is a bamboo design. Together these form the tsuru-kame-sho-chiku-bai that brings good fortune with this cute talisman. People implore Shirakawa Daruma for many things and they paint only one eye. When the prayer is answered, the other eye is painted.

Fruit, vegetables, and processed foods
Rich soil produces wonderful fruit and vegetables. Here visitors can buy fresh fruit directly from the farmers and even pick their own. We can find many stores selling jam and fresh juice, as well as other processed farm products.

Home-brewed sake, miso, soy sauce and pickles
Using pure water and select locally grown rice, and brewed in clean air, Shirakawa sake has a wonderful bouquet and always receives a favorable review. For a souvenir of this skill in using quality ingredients, how about taking home some miso, soy sauce, or pickles?

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