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Course 1 Fukushima Area

  • Anna Garden
  • Michi-No-Eki Tsuchiyu Road Park
Anna Garden
Just west of Fukushima City at the foot of the Azuma mountain range is the St. Ann's Church Center, called Anna Garden. Here there is a microbrewery restaurant and a display of European furniture and fashionable household goods. Visit and spend a leisurely time enjoying food and shopping in a lovely scenic spot.

Time needed: About three hours
About 10 min. by car
Michi-No-Eki Tsuchiyu Road Park
On National Highway 115, a beautiful mountain road, at 800 meters above sea level you will find a safe and relaxing oasis at Michi-no-eki Road Park. Here you can find highway information and shopping. And with no facilities in the near vicinity, the rest room is open 24 hours a day. The shop sells many local products including udon and soba noodles made with Tsuchiyu Onsen tamago, eggs cooked slowly in mountain hot springs.

Time needed: About 30 minutes

Course 2 Fukushima Area

  • Shiki No Sato Strawberry Field
  • Mount Shinobu
Shiki No Sato Strawberry Field
Everyone is eager to pick from the 33,000 healthy plants in a 1000 square meter area. They are grown in specially prepared soil on raised benches 70 cm, 90 cm, and 120 cm high to make picking easy on the back, and separated by wide aisles that make them wheelchair accessible.

Time needed: 1 hour
30 min. by car
Mount Shinobu
The mountain is an ideal spot for a lovely cherry blossom festival, with trees illuminated for night viewing. Many visitors also enjoy a panoramic view of the city and surrounding mountains from an observation deck, and all year long people come to enjoy relaxed hiking.

Time needed: 30 minutes
30 min. by car
When we visit Nakano Fudoson we are seeing one of Japan's three famous Fudosons. Fudo are the great fearful-looking mountain gods, and oracle who created a sacred fire, which continues to burn to this day in a votive light in an inner sanctuary of the cave. Three Fudo Myo's names are Yakuyoke, Ganshu, and Mikazuki, and the spirit of The three fudo assists in granting any serious wish.

Time needed: 1 hr. 30min.

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